(1) A dirty pilot may not produce enough voltage to operate the control valve. FMI Products recommend you should have a qualified service technician perform an appliance check-up at the beginning of each heat season. Answer: No spark at the pilot is an indication of a loose connection, a bad ground, or cracked ceramic around the electrode. Check the owner's manual for cleaning and maintenance information, or visit our tech tips page from the red link bar near the top of the webpage. Examine the gas line for any bends. Answer: We currently offer two units approved for outdoor use; The Portofino, JM-models and the Tuscan, S- Models. To prevent it from happening again, make sure the vent cap is secure. 612-326-1919 – Our NFI-certified techs provide affordable gas fireplace repair, inspection, cleaning and other general maintenance. Lennox Superior Direct Vent Fireplace Propane Gas Pilot Assembly 69L18. The model and serial number is located on the right hand side in the screen pocket behind the screen. (3) If the ceramic ignitor is cracked, it must be replaced. Get Financing 800-892-0456 Now while it is true that the amount of property damage, injuries, and deaths have dropped considerably since the early 1980s, there is still tremendous damage that has been wrought by fire. If your gas fireplace isn’t starting, there could any number of possible issues contributing. Consult the installation instructions for the specific model to ensure the proper pipe size and configuarion is used for your application. 39,000 BTUs, 1000 sq.ft. (3) A loose thermocouple connection may be at fault. FMI Gas Fireplace Parts. Question 21: Can the wood burning fireplace be vented horizontal? Answer: The installation of a direct vent appliance is allowable in a bedroom or any other room in by the National Fuel Gas Standards. Please include your phone number if … (2) If the piezo is held in place by a nut, ensure the nut is tightened properly. This will cause the liquid propane in the tank to freeze the regulator and this causes the appliance to shut down. Question 3: If you have questions about how direct vent fireplaces vents. Please refer to your owner�s manual for the proper doors for your unit. Answer: LP/Propane wall mount space heaters, gas logs, and fireplace systems require a minimum 100 lb propane cylinder for proper operation. If you smell burning wires or an odor you suspect is gas, shut off the fireplace, vent the house and consult a professional. You will be able to determine whether or not the small flame is out. If no fuel is detected at the pilot there is a blockage. Repair or replace the blower, if your fireplace has one, to get rid of grinding or shrieking. Buy FMI Products gas fireplaces and electric fireplace repair parts at good prices. If the instructions can not be located, please refer to the owner�s manual for your model appliance. Hire a service technician to clean the dirty pilot light orifice or burner jets. Answer: Most FMI Products vented models can be ordered in either natural or propane gasoperation (with the exception of vented logs). If problem continues contact your nearest service center or qualified gas technician to have the unit serviced. Call your supplier to find out about low gas pressure in the supply. Take this time at home and knock out some home improvement tasks! A vent-free gas log set can heat up to 1000 square feet. Question 20: Can I use glass doors on my wood burning fireplace? Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to relight the pilot. Abundance of Soot Question 17: What is the ICC number for FMI Products wood burning fireplaces? Convert to Gas. 4.9 out of 5 stars 40. Model number, serial number and clearances to combustible information can be found on the rating plate. Answer: Check your gas supply shut off valve to make sure the valve is turned on. Adjust the flame to counter low rumbling noises. If your fireplace won't turn on, it may be a simple matter of the pilot flame having been blown out. View and Download FMI GL36St owner's operation and installation manual online. Low gas pressure can also hinder the activity of the spark ignitor. 1. Question 19: Which wood burning fireplaces is approved for outdoor use? The vaporization rate of the fuel in smaller sized tanks can not keep up with the fuel requirements for the appliance. Also for: Gl36stp, Gl36ste, Gl36step, Vgl36st, Vgl36ste, Vgl36stp, Vgl36step. Open the gas valve if it’s closed to restore gas flow. Our technician shows up at scheduled appointment and performs a detailed inspection of the gas fireplace. Question 1: If you would like to add a blower to your unit. Sometimes, the pilot light is lit and the gas is turned on yet the gas burner fails to light up. This unit does not require electricity. Clean pilot with compressed air. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays and tax season shortly afterward, burst pipes are the ... Flickering lights are great… if we’re talking about faux flame bulbs, Christmas tree lights, or some ... Griffith, Answer: Blowers are optional accessories on most FMI Products gas appliances. (1) Check to ensure electrode wire is connected at the push button ignitor (where applicable) and at the electrode. Gas Burner Doesn’t Light in Fireplace. Cleaning may be necessary. Question 6: If your call concerns gas type conversion for Vented Gas Appliances. Top questions to ask before hiring a gas fireplace repair specialist. Let us help you upgrade or replace that ugly inefficient builder fireplace. We service and repair most all (if not all) manufacturers, and as a service/parts dealer, we have parts on hand for most repairs. Clean the burners in response to roaring sounds. Fireplace Maintenance, Service & Repair. Watch video for a demonstration. Try these suggested fixes to get your gas fireplace working normally again. There is noting like the warm feeling when you turn your gas fireplace on, instant on instant off, safer and less air pollution than a typical wood fire. Download 825 FMI Indoor Fireplace PDF manuals. We offer 30 degree elbows to offset the venting, but you must return vertical after the max pipe run allowed. Configurations for specific pipes vary depending on the individual installation. Question 14: Where can I locate the model and serial number on the unit, and clearances? Answer: A direct vent fireplace is a sealed combustion fireplace. Worthen adds the newer systems with electric igniters are more sensitive, and require the consumer to figure out if the issue lies in the electronic ignition or pilot. This allows the pilot to remain lit after releasing the control knob. Other gas fireplace repairs include loose connections, defective valves or bad modules in electric ignition units, according to experts. We'd be happy to help you find the replacement part(s) you need. Test the circuitry to ensure the voltage isn’t low. (2) Check pilot flame to ensure it is burning a solid blue flame. Our experience serving Griffith residents dates back to 1951. The electronic model will not operate when there is a power outage. For any troubleshooting tips that seem over your head, contact a capable Meyer’s professional today. You do not need a 110 power source to operate the fireplace or stove. This causes the flame to take on a bluish tint, but if excess soot is a problem, the less authentic look could be worth it. Adding a blower is easily accomplished if 110 volt AC was provided to the electrical junction box of the fireplace, or a 110 volt AC outlet is installed near the fireplace or wall mount system at the time of initial installation. With gas and flames involved, things can get dangerous — as in blow-your-house-up dangerous. Wall mount heaters will have hang tags or a data sticker affixed to the cabinet. A professional will assist you with scope and estimates, but having a clear idea of what you want to accomplish will help communication. Discontinued. BKT - ON SALE! Answer: The pilot flame heats a thermocouple that produces DC millivolts to energize the control valve. Some parts are model specific. Answer: All of FMI Productss wood burning fireplaces are tested and approved for use as a wood burning fireplace or for use with vented gas logs approved to ANSI Z21.60.Z21.84 or RGA 2-72 standards or for use with a vent-free gas log heater approved to ANSI Z21.11.2 standard. Fmi Products repair parts Lists and photos online to help find replacement gas and wood fireplace parts easily. Clean the fireplace, remove chimney obstructions and clean the flue. Loose connections can be tightened by gently squeezing the loose connection with small pliers. 14389 Desa 14389 OEM Gas control valve is Natural Gas and was used on vented heating products, it is a Remote Ready 820 Nova valve by SIT. More Buying Choices $99.99 (4 new offers) Heatilator & Heat-N-Glo Natural Gas Pilot Assembly 4021-736. Please refer to your owner�s manual for venting specifications. Question 16: Can gas logs be installed in the wood burning fireplaces? FREE Shipping. Map & Directions [+]. Question 12: To determine tank size for your LP/Propane appliance. Straighten the line if necessary. Question 2: If your question concerns electricity supply. While gas fireplaces are usually an efficient way to heat your home, sometimes they act up and cause problems. BKT Blower fan kit fits DESA Fireplaces made under the brand names of Comfort Glow, FMI and Vanguard Answer: Outside air kits are available as an option and should be installed during the rough framing of the fireplace due to its location; Local code requirements may supersede this compliance. The pilot light for your gas fireplace is an ignition source. If the glass door assembly and venting pipe are not properly seated, connected, and sealed, combustion by-products may leak into the home. Answer: FMI Products wood burning fireplaces are approved for use with or without glass doors. My Gas Fireplace Won’t Light. The 8DM pipe consists of an 8� inner pipe, and a 12-3/8� outer pipe. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. You can perform many of these tips yourself. Simply send us your MAKE, ...  Stove repair can be dangerous with damages to products, property and persons resulting from installation without proper qualifications and training. Gas Fireplace Replacement parts for all major brands of Gas fireplaces. Answer: Direct vent and B-vent (natural vent) appliances use a specific direct vent or b-vent pipe to vent combustion gases to the outdoors. Question 11: If your pilot does not stay lit when releasing the control valve. Question 5: If you wish to install a direct vent appliance in a bedroom or any other room. User manuals, FMI Indoor Fireplace Operating guides and Service manuals. A smaller pipe inside the fresh air pipe carries all combustion products to the outside. Simple use a remote control to turn the log set on or off. If doors are used make sure they fireplace is operated with the doors either fully open, or fully closed. Question 13: If your question concerns venting configurations for vented fireplaces. Clean the burners in response to roaring sounds. Hearth and Grill Sales, LLC 3405 Keith St. Cleveland, TN 37312 United States Question 8: If your question concerns the difference between an electronic ignition and a standing pilot. 2-sided, vented decorative gas appliance. Use only FMI Products approved conversion kits. Avoid these hazards… Answer: The standing pilot system is a self-contained millivolt system. Wednesday Dec … A FMI Products hood must be installed when using a vent-free gas log heater and any glass doors must be removed. At this time he will… possible repair (additional fees may apply) or adjust the fireplace; or show you how to work the fireplace; or discover what parts are needed. Answer: Replaceable parts are listed in the owner�s manual for your fireplace. Answer: The frequency of your gas appliance servicing and maintenance will depend on use and type of installation. All Parts in stock and ready to ship. Air for combustion used by the fireplace comes from outside the home through a vent pipe. Check the breaker box and reset any tripped breakers you run across. All conversion kits must be installed by a qualified installer for certification of the fireplace to remain valid. To check connection, loosen thermocouple and tighten finger tight, then turn 1/4 turn with small wrench. Question 23: If you need help lighting your pilot. The vent can be run horizontally through an outside wall or vertically through the roof. So hire an expert if you’re not comfortable doing any of this in a safe manner. Answer: The direct vent systems have a fixed glass front, which seals the gas burner and combustion firebox off from your home. Our NFI Certified technicians will provide you with a 15 point check for safety and maximized efficiency of your gas fireplace. We recommend having your fireplace and chimney inspected and serviced by a certified professional each year before the first chilly night of the season tempts you to use it. If this doesn’t do the trick, check your propane supply or ensure the natural gas lines to your home is operating correctly. Request a Service Call! Make sure the thermostat is set properly. You will also see common wear parts like thermocouples, thermopiles, ODS gas pilots and fireplace gaskets that can be changed out easily in just minutes. Gas logs and fireplace systems will have a sticker affixed or metal/vinyl cards with lighting instructions attached in the bottom compartment. Gas Stoves; Mantels; Wall Heaters; Select the Product Type: Download Your Parts List Select by Brand: Select Model Number: Enter Model Number: Document Type: *If you have trouble finding the document please select 'Show All' in the document type drop down box. DO NOT ORDER. Answer: All of FMI Productss wood burning fireplaces are tested and approved for use as a wood burning fireplace or for use with vented gas logs approved to ANSI Z21.60.Z21.84 or RGA 2-72 standards or for use with a vent-free gas log heater approved to ANSI Z21.11.2 standard. Contact Atlanta Fireplace Specialists LLC to schedule a consultation with one of our fireplace specialists. In order to find out, simply open the vent. A strong draft can blow out the pilot light. Question 9: If there is no spark at the pilot with a piezo ignitor. If we find any faulty components while examining your fireplace, we can also provide an effective repair or replacement solution. A FMI Products hood must be installed when using a vent-free gas log heater and any glass doors must be removed. Answer: There are three sizes of wood burning pipe. The 12DM pipe consists of a 12� inner pipe, and a 15� outer pipe. If the gas fireplace still refuses to light or stay lit, the wiring or thermopile may be damaged.Â. Answer: If you are experiencing pilot or burner outage, the gas appliance may need to be cleaned. We offer the 8DM, 10DM, and the 12DM. The millivolt model will operate during a power outage. Fortunately, most gas fireplace issues require nothing more than a little troubleshooting. Answer: The model and serial number can be found on the fireplace. Question 15: What is the inner and outer dimension of the wood burning pipe? If you smell burning wires or an odor you suspect is gas, shut off the fireplace, vent the house and consult a professional. Question 10: If you are experiencing pilot or burner outage. Please call us at 540-338-0075 if you do not see your manufacturer. Odd Sounds. Press the ignitor button several times until pilot flame lights. IN Top brand names like Vermont Castings, Majestic, Napoleon and FMI brand fireplace parts are just a click away. Check your local codes to ensure there are no local restrictions. Adjust the airflow according to the manufacturer’s instructions to increase oxygen flow and decrease gas flow. Specialties: Annual maintenance, such as cleaning and valve checks, prolong the life and efficiency of your gas fireplace. Question 18: What is the main purpose of an Outside Air Kit and is it required? Press in and hold control knob. Conduct a chimney inspection and remove any bird nests or other blockages you find. Answer: The wood burning units must be always vented vertically through the roof. Repair or replace the blower, if your fireplace has one, to get rid of grinding or shrieking. Contact us at 646-657-8150 or jack@fireplaceinsert.com for information on new models. Question 22: What parts are replaceable on my fireplace? Call 248-8322 for details! We provide service for most gas fireplace makes. Answer: If your gas appliance model has a standing pilot it will operate during a power outage. Here are some fireplace tips specific to the type of fireplace you are considering: Gas fireplace maintenance. DBA can convert a wood burning fireplace into a 100% efficient gas vent-free fireplace. Contact your nearest dealer to determine if your model can be converted. If it is, simply re-light the pilot with a match or a lighter to see if the fireplace turns back on.Alternatively, if the flame reignites initially but the pilot won't stay on, there are more i… Shop at eBay.com and enjoy Fast & Free shipping on many items! 85. Doors must be shut and sealed for proper ventilation during the operation. Please refer to your owner�s manual for specific cleaning instructions for your model. Adjust the flame to counter low rumbling noises. FMI Products gas fireplace and gas vent free fireplaces can be found all over North America as a very popular brand name. North Texas Chimney & Hearth offers chimney and fireplace services for interior designers, architects, home builders, general contractors, realtors, and property managers, too! Air may need to be purged from the line if the appliance has not been operated in a long time. To understand why it is important to properly troubleshoot and maintain your gas fireplace, we first need to go over some of the basic facts surrounding them. Question 4: If your question concerns cleaning your gas appliance. Most gas appliances have lighting instructions attached. Gas Fireplace Repair in Suwanee on YP.com. If you have purchased an appliance with the incorrect gas type or if you have received different type of fuel to your home, a conversion kit may be available. At George Salet Plumbing,inc we are experienced in repair of all types of Gas fireplaces, fire pits, and free standing gas stoves used for heating. 46319 Lack of maintenance can lead to several problems, including delayed ignition and excess sooting. Refer to your owners manual for reference.Locate model number from rating plate behind the right screen. GL36St indoor fireplace pdf manual download. Repair or replace it if necessary. We can clean your fireplace if we find an accumulation of dirt or ash is causing your unit to malfunction. For over 30 years, we have been providing homeowners with high-quality wood, gas, pellet & electric fireplace installations & repairs in Windham, Epping & Manchester, NH. Get great deals on Gas Fireplace Replacement Parts. BK BK Blower fan kit fits certain DESA Fireplaces made under the brand names of Comfort Glow, FMI and Vanguard. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Fireplaces in Suwanee, GA. Fmi Products fireplace parts on sale. What is the scope of the project? Question 7: If your question concerns operating a direct vent fireplace with the door assembly open. $105.85 $ 105. FMI Products Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Venice Lights Sale Price Ends SATURDAY 12/26/2020: $2,789.00 . The 10DM pipe consists of a 10� inner pipe, and a 15� outer pipe. Different gas fireplace inserts present different challenges. Test and potentially replace the thermocoupler. If you have the optional blower installed in your gas appliance or the fireplace in which the log set is installed, the blower will not operate without electricity.

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