Its a relief to know that public health officials dont suspect that retail is a spreader with all the modifications with masks and the distancing and the ventilation.. document.getElementById( "ak_js_4" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); document.getElementById( "ak_js_5" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); document.getElementById( "ak_js_6" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); San Jos residents deserve a trusted source for unbiased, independent political news. Whats next for the former Frys HQ in San Jose? Im ready to move on and deal with the consequences forget everyone else. Just understand this fact if it stays the same for 30 days here is the real problem, the new cases in Santa Clara county will be 30 times (13,328/7) or 56,734 cases. Your supporthelps us produce journalism that makes a difference. Related Articles If you calculate the state figures if we stay the same it is 30 times 62,094 which comes to 1,862,820 and given that there is only 39,510,000 that means 1 out of 21 will be infected in 30 days. Let us exercise the freedoms we have, stretch those freedom muscles and walk into stores and restaurants without a mask, be kind to people if they offer a mask and keep pushing gently against the tyranny. A city of 8.5 million people, New York City announced Tuesday that it will require vaccination proof for most indoors settingsa move that San Francisco officials are also considering, according to news reports. The state prison system on Saturday suspended in-person visits as COVID surges among employees and inmates. "Something like what New York City is doing, where people are required to provide proof of vaccination.". In total, there are 32 counties on the state watch list. THEREFORE, HE SAID, GIVING THOSE INDIVIDUALS A THIRD DOSE OF THE SAME VACCINE WOULD LIKELY RESULT IN HIGHER LEVELS OF ANTIBODIES THAT REMAIN LESS EFFECTIVE AGAINST VARIANTS., I AM CERTAIN THAT THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY IS IN AN UNWINNABLE POSITION. While inoculated people can still carry the Delta variant, it's not common for them to experience serious symptoms or hospitalization. Emily Hoeven wrote the daily WhatMatters newsletter for three years at CalMatters . Oakland airport passenger traffic shows steady post-COVID rebound The Oakland Zoo is worried too. scrap the construction of the new jail in late 2020, Helen Chapman fights to save San Joses open space, Bejarano: Why I quit my East San Jose school board, Out of work: Beloved San Jose reverend faces uphill climb, Silicon Valley students stranded by shuttered schools. What could reparations mean for Black residents of Alameda County? Take a look at the latest stories and videos about the coronavirus here. Newsom's announcement means for every Bay Area county, Here's what's open, closed in the San Francisco Bay Area, COVID-19 risk calculator: Quiz yourself on the safest, most dangerous things you can do as CAreopens, COVID-19 Help: Comprehensive list of resources, information, When will the San Francisco Bay Area reopen? I believe it is crucial to invest in a free, just and unbiased press, especially in California when all three aspects are in peril. "One minute you can open, one minute you can't. Your email address will not be published. If you calculate the state figures if we stay the same it is 30 times 74,709 which comes to 2,241,270 and given that there is only 39,510,000 that means 1 out of 19 will be infected in 30 days. Tuesday was a big day for the Assembly Health Committee, which pushed forward three controversial bills that failed to advance last year. Shes been trying to work out a deal with her landlord but so far has had no luck. Get the latest news, information and videos about the novel coronavirus pandemic here, Storm timeline: Here's how much more rain is expected, Another freight train derails in Ohio, prompting shelter-in-place, At least 13 people are dead as severe storms sweep across US. ABC7 News visited with businesses finally able to reopen, on Monday morning. WE ARE JUST GUESSING. Hayward Unified on Monday moved online for at least a week after more than 500 students tested positive and teachers were absent from more than half of classrooms. The clickbait headline triggered the homicidally insane anti-vaxxers, and the article buries the answer (No) in the seventh paragraph. Officials expect to be added to that list on Wednesday. Indoor dining rooms were closed in most places for 10 months or more, and tableside service was also banned outdoors for more than one-third of the year. Copyright 2023 KGO-TV. She previously covered startups and venture capital for the Bay Area News Group and prior to that court cases for The Recorder in San Francisco. "You should not meet in person with anyone you do not live with. And were here to provide it. Want to submit a guest commentary or reaction to an article we wrote? Almost all non-essential businesses are forced to shut down, with an exception for retail stores. The stay-at-home order is admittedly confusing, so we're doing our best to clear it up for you. // Sacramento Bee, Off-duty LAPD officer is fatally shot in South Los Angeles. And the state may help cover some employers costs: In the absence of new federal funding to assist small businesses with COVID sick leave requirements, I support augmenting the governors budget to add state funding for this purpose, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon said. The first time the pandemic closed her restaurant, Nguyen sold her jewelry to survive. She started her journalism career reporting on crime and breaking news for The News-Press in Southwest Florida. AND YOU ALL WILL SAY, YOU CANT TRUST THE SCIENTISTS. We were recovering. Santa Clara County is also maintaining most of its own stricter rules announced last weekend banning contact sports, including college and pro football, requiring a two-week quarantine for travelers from more than 150 miles away and limiting retail capacity. Never a follow up question. Eliminating sit-down service likely will force some restaurants into temporary hibernation, while others close permanently, according to Laurie Thomas, executive director of San Franciscos Golden Gate Restaurant Association, which represents hundreds of restaurants in the city. The property owner is now claiming county officials are . Just understand this fact if it stays the same for 30 days here is the real problem, the new cases in Santa Clara county will be 30 times 3,157 or 117,039 NEW CASES, now given we have only 1,900,000 people in the county the likelihood is that at this point 1 out of 20 people in the county is going to get infected. As a result, indoor dining will be suspended on the same day. 12/15/2022. Hotels and other lodging won't be able to accept out-of-state reservations for any non-essential travel. Health | // Associated Press, California budget surplus could lead to early CalPERS debt payments. Comment Policy (updated 11/1/2021): We reserve the right to delete comments or ban users who engage in personal attacks, hate speech, excess profanity or make verifiably false statements. To help establishments struggling with the latest round of COVID restrictions, Newsom on Monday unveiled a new relief package that allows businesses to apply for tax credits and deferrals, loans and grants. But not every county in the Bay Area region chose to join the coalition this time. "Entertainment production" can also continue. After Successfully Administering 1.9 Million COVID-19 Vaccinations, County of Santa Clara to Demobilize Mass Testing and Vaccination Locations by Feb. 28. If you have a question or comment about the coronavirus pandemic, submit yours via the form below or here. How safe is your neighborhood? RELATED: Gov. With regards to the state the 7 day average of new cases is 74,709 from yesterdays 74,599 and the state 7 day average is 78 deaths per day (it decreased 20 in 2 days) which means if stays that way 2,340 people WILL DIE!. And lets just say even if only 10% of this needs an ICU that will require 508 ICU beds, but the County has only 38 beds today, which means the other 470 people will have to find other ICU beds. I, for one, am no longer willing to be governed in this manner. Check out Bay Area safety tracker, Tracking the drought: Map shows conditions across SF Bay Area, Bay Area Life; Sundays at 6:30 p.m. on ABC7. In early 2019, Santa Clara County officials ordered Ngo to shut down The Dragon Mountain, citing dozens of building and land use violations such as lacking permits to build a driveway and. Private gatherings of any size, indoor and outdoor, are not allowed. Photo by Ramona Giwargis. Originally, outdoor playgrounds were forced to close under the stay-at-home order. Newsom's announcement means for every Bay Area county, According to a release by the Public Health Department: "The State confirmed this afternoon that it will require sectors closed for indoor operations in counties on the monitoring list to close in Santa Clara County effective Wednesday, July 15, 2020 at 12:01 a.m.". ", The county release also stated, "We wanted to share this information with businesses and residents as soon as possible.". Its been trending in that direction long before the shelter in place orders. Protect your nonprofit, nonpartisan state news. AS THE LINE WENT FROM LT. WORF IN AN EPISODE OF STAR TREK TNG EPISODE THE EMISSARY WHEN HE SAID: I will tolerate no further insubordination. In California, the Delta variant accounts for nearly 85% of cases analyzed in July, a jump from 5.9% just two months prior, according to the California Department of Public Health. Donate now. But if these people can be PREVENTED from being infected, WHY NOT? Youth and adult recreational sports are both on hold until Jan. 25 at the earliest. Contact Tran Nguyen at[emailprotected]or follow@nguyenntrannon Twitter. Linda Zavoral is a Features reporter and editor who writes about restaurants, libations, travel and the arts for the Eat Drink Play and Eye/Timeout sections. Thats prompting health officials to reinstate safety guidelinesand raising questions about the possibility of another shutdown. Schools that have already received a waiver to reopen before the stay-at-home order can continue to do in-person learning. The new stay-at-home order will take effect starting at 10 p.m. Sunday in Santa Clara, San Francisco and Contra Costa counties. It's time to shut sports down again, and finally Santa Clara County has stepped up to lead the way. The new exhibit features hundreds of larger than life animal lanterns and interactive attractions, and a ride in the gondolas take visitors to the Land of the Lost section where the dinosaurs world and view of the bay awaits atop the Oakland hills. Gov. I UNDERSTAND YOU FEELINGS, BUT NO ONE EVER LEVELED WITH THE PEOPLE TO SAY THERE IS NO SHORT CUT FROM A PANDEMIC. latest stories and videos about the coronavirus here. its poison media lies glad people waking up by the posts living life .thats awsome people who continue their know it all I got a degree post continue fear doom and gloom had enough the last year !!. You can find our submission guidelines here. I the last 3 months we lost nearly 200 people. She graduated from American University with a BA degree in literature with a minor in journalism. The new exhibit features hundreds of larger than life animal lanterns and interactive attractions, and a ride in the gondolas take visitors to the Land of the Lost section where the dinosaurs world and view of the bay awaits atop the Oakland hills. lucille williams obituary, penalties for crossing borders illegally,

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